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First ,I want to thank you for your time. The prop you use I feel is the best one on the market today as it mimics how a real door actually fails during forced entry.  The skills to perform various methods of forced entry were shown and all members were able to practice the various types of forced entry. The display of various types of locks was among the most complete I have seen.

D.C.  E. Morrissey,  Cambridge Fire Department

Thanks so much for the Forcible entry training. Been on the job for over 28 yrs and I did learn some new tricks with the halligan. The door it self is a great teaching device. Thanks again for your time and knowledge.

J. Brogan E-3 Grp 4, Cambridge Fire Department

On behalf of the crew of Engine 3, group 3.  I would like to sincerely thank you for the time and effort that you put into the preparation and training we received with your company`s Forcible entry program.   Your program demonstrated to us that there are additional methods available that could achieve the same results, often with less effort and stress on both firefighters and equipment. Your door prop was an excellent training aid and provided immediate feedback to my members.  It was much appreciated.

Lieutenant Brian D. Albert / Engine 3/ Group 3 Cambridge Fire Department

One of the best training classes outside of an academy I have ever been a part of. I never realized how much I did'nt know until I took the class. 

Firefighter, Cambridge MA

First off, thank you very much for not only bringing your prop but yourself and an enormous amount of your time. You are quite knowledgeable and your training was great in terms of review for some and new stuff for others. Our members, in general, prefer hands-on training to classroom training and I heard nothing but good, positive commentary on your class. You have the knowledge and your delivery is above average in competence. Firefighters are not always the easiest people to keep focused and involved but you did well with that. Again, many thanks for lending us your prop and yourself. Job well done and I appreciate that.

Captain Gregory M. Carter, NREMT-P / Cambridge Fire Department
Tactical Medic Team Commander

I enjoyed the class, when I went to the academy they did not have a prop just a video. I feel it's best for me anyway to get hands on training. The techniques worked well and I will be using them in the future. Thank you for your time in effort, it is very appreciated.

FF Bokuniewicz. Cambridge Fire Department / Engine 5

Great class, covered all the basics plus some great tips I've never heard or thought of.

Firefighter, Cambridge MA

Thanks for sharing your time and prop with the dept. I felt the prop and training were excellent. Any time there is hands on real life stuff we all benefit. Your class was well organized and presented well.

Lt. Mike Travers Squad 4, Cambridge MA

Great class, good hands on training, thanks brother for your time.

Bob Walsh / Engine 5, Cambridge Fire Department

I am writing to comment on the Multi Force Door and the forcible entry training conducted by Will Dering with 10-75 Training.  I am a Firefighter with the Cambridge (Ma.) Fire Dept. I have been a career firefighter for 14 years. I am assigned to the Rescue Co. and I am a Fire Instructor.  Our department is very progressive and we train constantly. Your door prop is one of the most realistic training tools I have ever used for forcible entry.  Of course, with the exception of buildings slated for demolition and acquired for training. I would love for our department to purchase one of these doors for our members.

I would also like to comment on the training we received.  As impressive as the door prop is, it is only a hunk of metal without someone to teach technique. Will Dering is an excellent instructor. He knows this topic very well and he sticks to the material in a way that I (and many others) respect completely. I hope to continue to train using the Multi Force Door and I would recommend that we bring 10-75 Training back annually. Thank you for your time.

FF Paul Morrison / Rescue Co. 1, Cambridge Fire Department

Great class. The prop was very useful, and the tips you gave us really seemed to make a difference. Keep up the good work

FF Edrice Vincen

This far exceeded the Mass, fire academy training I had in forcible entry. Thank you for your time. All fire and police SWAT Departments should receive this training.

Firefighter, Cambridge MA

10-75 Training conducted a forcible entry class at my department using the Multi Force Door by Firehouse Innovations Corp. This was by far the best forcible entry class I have ever attended. The wood blocks used by the door made it feel and sound like a normal wood door and the angle iron option had the feel of a commercial steel door. Mr. Dering was very knowledgeable and guided firefighters throughout the class on proper technique. This class has certainly boosted the confidence level of my entire house.

Captain Frederick Ikels / Engine Co #2, Cambridge Fire Department 

Outstanding class! It was nice to not only learn great tactics but to be able to try them out right then and there. Far exceeds any video or PowerPoint program. 

Firefighter / Nashua, New Hampshire Fire Department

Shortly after we had taken the Forcible Entry course from 10-75 Training, our dept. got toned out for patient who had fallen in his apartment and could not get up by himself. Upon arrival we had determined that we had to force our way into the building. I stepped back and watched the “old timers” try to jimmy the door with the halligan. Needless to say they were having a hard time and could not gain entry. With a grin on my face and I walked over and asked if I could give it a try. With a swing of the halligan, I drove that spike into the door jam and gave a quick pop and we were in. As I turned around the looks on the guys faces were priceless. We gained entry with minimal damage and were able to close the door when we left. Moral of the story is this really works!!

Lieutenant Drew Morse, Chesterfield Fire Department



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